Hair Mineral Test Analysis

Feeling Your Age? Losing control of your Health?

-Are you depressed about getting older and having less energy?
-Does the gardening give you a bad back and achy knees?
-Do you go upstairs for something and forget what you went for?
-Does your gut grumble and gripe when you eat the foods you like?
-Are you eating indigestion tablets like sweets to stop the burning pain of acid reflux?
-Does the aching, grumbling and burning body keep you awake at night, or is it just that you CAN’T SLEEP?
-Is your doctor telling you to lose weight and lower your cholesterol?
-Are you taking blood pressure tablets and statins?
-Do you have osteoporosis and take calcium supplements or your bones will break?


You will be pleased to hear that none of these things is part of the normal aging process. You don’t have to put up with this.

So, do something today to regain control of your health!

We use the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) test as the starting point to regain your health. You will have a hair sample analyzed in the laboratory and you will get a detailed report telling you what diet and supplements you need to rebalance your body.

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